I have had the pleasure of collaborating with the amazing actors, musicians and artists set to launch into production on The Luckiest People movie. That they are pumped-up and available, is a major reason to make this movie now. The stars have aligned. Here are a few samples of our recent work.

The short film, Intercourse (1st and 2nd definitions please), produced in 2014, was screened at the 2015 Route 66 Film Festival, and made it to the final selection list for 2015 SWSX and 2015 Portland International Film Festivals. Intercourse showcases an ensemble cast with Mary Young, Patrick Russell, Johnny Molson, Michael Wall, Kevin Wasmer & kids, and DeShanee Miner. The film features the music of 7-time Grammy winner Paul Wertico, David Cain and Larry Gray – Wertico Cain & Gray. It is currently available as a video-on-demand title, for rent or purchase. Fun Fact: the acting, camera-work and music are 100% improvised.


From writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman and filmmaker David Cain, comes the movie, The Yellow Wallpaper. Aasne Vigesaa’s spell-binding performance as the “Narrator” of Gilman’s story takes you through an emotional journey of discovery and evolution as she transcends depression, her overbearing husband and the repressive medical practices of her era. David Cain’s camera dances with the “Narrator” in a POV cinema style that puts you face-to-face with the character creating a visual dynamic that is both immediate and sublime. Available as video-on-demand and DVD (Amazon).


Realization by Wertico Cain & Gray is available as video-on-demand (and iTunes music) with 2 free bonus videos: Conversations and a Director’s Commentary. The music was 100% improvised at the Shure Theater and Reelsounds Studios, Chicago. The 11 short films feature faces from around the world, amazing NASA footage, a ballerina, 3D animation… Realization filmmaking is reminiscent of the Renoir-Godard auteur theory, and is analogous to organic creativity, as seen and heard, and flows freely as music and as film. Go to the theater of the mind through your eyes and ears. Energize. Meditate. Dream.


Sound Portraits, the film and music by Wertico Cain & Gray, was called “Awesome! A total trip! Amazing! Great music!” by Frank Alkyer, Publisher of DownBeat Magazine, and was the Winner of the 2013 Independent Music Awards for Best Album, Live Performance. 7-time Grammy Award Winner Paul Wertico, David Cain, and Larry Gray transport musical artistry to unchartered waters with explosive, creative improvising that is truly on the cutting edge with a passionate, mind-blowing performance setting a new direction in music and digital cinema: Sound Portraits.


Thanks for watching and listening.

David Cain